Ardis Tool

The Ardis's revolutionary design is the first firefighter tool to combine a wide range of tools with a robust "hook". The Ardis rips through drywall, plaster and lathe in seconds! It's a versatile tool AND a powerful firefighting tool!

The Ardis can slip a lock, connect and disconnect hoses, opens and close hydrants, gas and water mains and enable a single firefighter to move a bulky object that might otherwise require the efforts of two people.

With no time to spare, here's why you want to have an Ardis in your pocket

In less than 4 minutes, the heat...

...from a house or commercial fire can reach over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. People die when the temperature is over 210 degrees.

Fighting fires is serious business, there's no time to be fumbling around looking for tools or running back to the fire truck to get the right tool when every second counts.

That's why firefighters everywhere are calling the Ardis Tool the world's best fire tool ever invented - with a flick of a switch the Ardis turns from a handy multi-purpose tool to a firefighting weapon.

Weighing less than 22 ounces the Ardis Tool easily fits into your firefighter's pants pocket, this means it's always with you when you go in. Made of indestructible steel the 8.5 inch claw tears through sheet rock and plaster walls in seconds and is so strong it can pick up a manhole cover!

The patent pending Ardis Tool is designed to save time and lives, this one tool does the job of many. Hydrant wrench, LDH Spanner, gas shut-off (new and old style), oxygen tank shut-off, and more!